Modern Carport Designs and Styles

The carport market is full of choices when it comes to materials and how those materials are put together to create a shelter that is mostly intended for the protection of a vehicle. You can choose to use the shelter for other purposes but its main object is to cover a car, boat, or even your vacation camper. Modern carports are being designed to look more like the very homes you see when you drive around in your neighborhood. For example, materials like vinyl and metal are now being molted and utilized in a fashion that makes them look like a home including the roof, trim, siding, doors and windows. You can even add lighting if you want to add a workbench or even work on your car.

Timber frame carports are especially attractive in design. Many come with A-frame roof styles which are most commonly seen in homes. Arch roof styles can also work just as well but they are definitely more effective in areas of high snowfall or rain because the sloped roof will not allow for snow or water accumulation. Home carports do not have to be extremely attractive to fit in. In fact, if you home has beautiful white trim, any white colored materials would work beautifully. It will appear more like a continuation of your home rather than an afterthought addition.

In a commercial setting, a carport may not need to be as attractive but it must definitely be effective especially if it will be used to provide shelter for customers, business supplies, or even company vehicles. Commercial carports are usually quite simple in design but you can still choose a roof style, color, and even the material that will best work for your business.

If you do design on one of the modern looking timber carports that are out there today, make sure you choose a company that is considered reputable when it comes to quality materials, craftsmanship, and especially customer service. The choices are limitless but it is up to you to narrow things down to what you truly need rather than what looks best.


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