Five Great Ways to Cross-Train to Keep Your Fitness Exercise Program Exciting

The greatest bane of successful fitness exercise programs for most people is motivation. You sincerely commit yourself to three or five days’ workout per week but gradually begin to lose enthusiasm. This is not an isolated problem for you. Most people have to cross-train to keep their fitness exercise programs really exciting. Sometimes, deciding how to cross-train can be a little bit of a problem. Following are 5 great ways you can cross train.

Train with a Partner

If you have been training alone for a long time, perhaps it is time you began to train with one or more partners, preferably a friend who you are comfortable with.

You do not need to make your training sessions too serious. It is alright to play music and chat during your fitness exercise. Rest for a while if necessary and continue. The key to sustaining your personal commitment in fitness exercise program is enthusiasm; and this comes only if your training sessions are interesting.

Attend a Fitness Exercise Class

Another option is to join a fitness class. Training with others produces strong motivation for many people- both the shy and outgoing persons. The progress of others will boost your morale. More so, if you have a competitive mind, competing with other regular trainers like you will help you progress very fast.

Vary Your Training Activities

Sticking to a particular activity for a long time can be really boring unless you have stronger motivation than most people. To keep your fitness exercise program interesting, you can engage in football in spring, swimming in winter, jogging in fall and biking in summer. If you train two times in a day, you can vary the type of training you do at the different times.

Perform More Than One Type of Exercise Every time You Exercise

Try to avoid sticking to just one type of exercise during your training session; this is harmful to your body and unhelpful to you. Instead, engage in two or more types of exercise. An easy way to plan this is to always ensure you exercise all the parts of your body- hands, legs, chest, heart etc

Learn New Techniques

Finally, you need to constantly learn other fitness activities or newer methods to do the ones you presently engage in. Your curiosity to try them out will keep your program interesting. However, avoid introducing newer techniques too early in your fitness exercise program.


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