How to Care for Dental Implants to Ensure Their Longevity?

Dental implants are among the most practical dental therapies for those who miss or lose their teeth. Whether you lose one or all of your teeth, the implants is the best replacement dental treatment for you. The implants are artificial teeth that look like natural ones. Dental laboratories create them with the same look, feel, and function as natural teeth. As a dentist at Elmwood Dental Clinic, a top implant center in Toronto, says, based on this feature of implants, you can have them for a long time only with unique and enough care. Elmwood Dental Clinic is known as an affordable dental implant center in Toronto; and introduced at Dentistrynearme, a reputable dental directory in the area. It would help if you used proper dental care to keep the implants as long as possible. Some people have had implants for many years; why cannot you? However, just like natural teeth, implants require regular dental care and attention to be as healthy as possible. There are different tips and recommendations about dental care of implants and keep it as long as possible. We are going to tell you more about these tips. 

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Be Careful about Your Oral Hygiene to Keep Dental Implants 

Oral hygiene is one of the most critical factors in keeping dental implants for a long time. As you care about your natural teeth, you must also follow dental care for implants. We mean you have to perform all the below actions: 

  • Brush your teeth every day
  • Floss your teeth regularly
  • Remove dental plaque and bacteria from the front surface of your teeth
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Use nonabrasive toothpaste
  • Clean your teeth gently
  • Clean your gum gently

By being careful about all the tips mentioned above, you can have your implants for a long time. Note that flossing is essential for implants longevity because you can remove the foods or other particles stuck between your teeth.

Moreover, flossing can remove the dental plaque between your teeth or on some available places like your gum line. Follow these steps and tips to have implants as long as possible.

Quit Smoking Habit to Keep Your Dental Implants

As you know, smoking has very bad and negative effects on your oral and dental condition. Smoking increases the risk of losing teeth or dental implants significantly sooner than expected. 

If you keep smoking even after your implants surgery, you will lose your implants very soon. Smoking will decrease the success rate of your implants and increase its failure rate. 

It also causes other dental and oral issues. The best way to quit smoking is consultation with a professional dentist. They will share some strategies with you and help you quit smoking.

For example, you can use nicotine instead of smoking. There will be other therapies and methods to quit smoking easily. 

Don’t Eat Hard and Sticky Foods to Keep Your Dental Implants 

Some hard and sticky foods can damage your implants more than anything else. For example, ice is too hard, and you must not eat it. Moreover, hard candies are not suitable to chew or bite. 

You may lose your dental crown and implants by chewing hard or sticky foods. Try to have softer foods and remove hard foods from your diet. 


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