A Fitness Exercise Machine – Four Reasons Not To Buy One

At some level everyone knows they should try to get in better cardio shape and will be tempted to look into using fitness exercise machine either at home or in a gym or fitness center. Others will choose to job or power walk instead. For many people, stopping off at a gym on the way home from work is not convenient or will just makes their day even longer, so they will think they should get some kind of exercise bike a their best choice for a home fitness machine.

Before you go searching the internet for the reading all the exercise bike reviews, you should stop and think of some of the reason not to buy.

One. As always the first thing is the cost. There are very reasonable basic models with no bells or whistles. But if you want one like what you get in a gym, you will have to have a couple of thousand dollars. Depending on the state of your credit, or the savings account balance, that cost might be a deal breaker.

Two. Consider the amount of space you have. No matter what the advertisers say, they will take up some room. Those without an extra bedroom do not have a family room or extra bedroom, should or a spot in a room that it can be left and be out of the way.

Three. Be honest about how busy your household is Will there be time each day to devote to exercising? Do you have young kids who will pester you while you try for a simple 30-60 minute cardio workout? Can you get up an hour early to fit it in? Without thinking these things through you might be doomed.

Four. Exercise programs are famous for great intentions and no follow through. If you are going to put out any amount of cash out for a home fitness machine, you do not want it to sit around unused. Without choosing to do this for the right reasons, you will fall by the wayside and have wasted your money.

Once you pass the test, and decide you are getting a fitness exercise machine for your home for the right reasons, then add to your success chance by setting a reasonable schedule where you will have more than one choice of time available, it gives you flexibility. Working it around the TV schedule seems to work for many people, you get on the machine while you watch the news or your favorite talk show or sitcom.


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