4 Important Forms of Cannabis Products and How They Meet Your Cannabis Needs

Acceptance of cannabis has evolved from a berated plant to a plant with therapeutic uses.  As cannabis continues to get approval, manufacturers of cannabis products have continued to enhance their creativity by producing products shaping the cannabis industry. Manufacturers have made different forms of cannabis.

Forms of Cannabis

Cannabis dispensaries contain many and different products which manufacturers have designed to meet your specific needs. You can visit the best dispensary that is in Chickasha Oklahoma, For more information and guidance concerning your particular needs.

  1. Hashish

Hashish is a product of the cannabis plant, also known as a hash. Manufacturers produce hashish by compressing and purifying trichomes from the cannabis plant. 

Hashish is a recreational cannabis product. Users of hashish consume by smoking using a pipe, joint, or bong, inhaling hashish utilizing a vaporizer, or oral ingestion.

Hashish contains a high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids, having higher concentrations of cannabinoids than unprocessed cannabis flowers. Hashish is highly potent, and its potency is even likely to increase with the increasing content of THC and other cannabinoids in flowers of cannabis plants.

  1. Cannabis Wax

Cannabis wax is a cannabis concentrate suitable for both recreational and medical purposes. You can contact medical marijuana dispensary near you for quality cannabis wax. Manufacturers obtain cannabis wax by heating the cannabis plant in a solvent such as butane and extracting THC. The end product is a viscous cannabis wax containing 30% of THC. However, cannabis wax concentrates contain up to 90% THC, which is equivalent to about ten joints of cannabis.

Cannabis wax is highly potent, and you can consume cannabis wax by smoking using a dab rig where the nail heats the cannabis wax or through vaporization.

  1. Sinsemilla Cannabis

Sinsemilla cannabis is a female cannabis plant that produces buds without seeds. Sinsemilla reproduces without pollination taking place. Industry experts consider Sinsemilla cannabis as premium grown cannabis.

Consumers of cannabis consider buds with seeds as low-quality cannabis since the seeds in the buds produce harsh smoke. Sinsemilla cannabis, on the other hand, does not produce seeds but buds instead. Hence sensimilla cannabis has high-quality buds with high potency. The quantity of buds each plant produces is also higher since there are no seeds in the buds. Sensimilla cannabis is the most potent cannabis plant.

  1. Cannabis Shatter

Cannabis shatter is a cannabis extract with a glassy look and breaks by shattering just like glass. Manufacturers produce a well-cured shatter through a slow, carefully executed process using cannabis plants and a suitable solvent.

Cannabis shatter is a translucent material with colors ranging from bright color to a bright yellow color. Shatter can have a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid(THCA). THC contains more oil, giving shatter a more dense product, while a high content of THCA produces a more fragile shatter that breaks easily.

However, some manufacturers produce shatter with a high concentration of CBD and low concentrations of THC. Shatter with a high concentration of CBD targets consumers of the medical cannabis plant for medicinal and therapeutic effects without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD-based shatter is suitable for medical purposes and rich in terpenes necessary for therapeutic effects with minimal intoxication.


The manufacturers of cannabis plants have played a significant role in extracting cannabis materials from the cannabis plant and processing the material to produce final products which are consumer-friendly. Manufacturers of cannabis products have granted consumers great choices and options through the cannabis dispensaries. Search online for the cannabis dispensaries to find out options that meet your needs.


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