How to Plan Your Fitness Exercise Program in a Large City: Critical Warnings and Suggestions

People living in large cities are faced with several challenges in their fitness exercise program. Similarly, visitors to urban areas constantly get frustrated as a result of their very little knowledge of the environment. Yet, physical fitness is not an option any more in view of the lifestyle of the twenty first century man as well as the emergence of numerous severe health conditions. Hence, in a large city, you need to plan your fitness program bearing certain issues in mind, and you must always have a ready plan to tackle these issues.

Do Not Exercise Outside At Nights

Criminal activities are not uncommon in large cities. Again and again, the media reports the abduction or murder of people while exercising at night. Thus, it is very dangerous to exercise outdoor in the night. As a rule of the thumb, exercise inside alone (at night) in large cities; this could be personally at home or in a group or class.

Always Have a Handy Protective Device

Take an alarm or protective spray along when exercising out-of-doors. The spray is useful for personal protection against harassment while an alarm will help you attract the public in case of a crisis. Bear in mind that alarm is useful only where others are present. Secondly, the protective spray can be used against you if you are not very careful.

Check Your Environment for Warnings Signs

Moreover, many cities place temporary and permanent warning signs in several locations for different purposes. If you have been exercising in rural or less developed area previously, you may not be familiar with these warnings. You need to check carefully for warnings of pollution (this can affect your health), restrictions, etc. to decide how to organize your fitness exercise program. Also note if the warnings are temporary in case you can exercise there some other time.

Avoid Outdoor Exercise in Congested Areas

Cycling, jogging, and even brisk walking may be difficult in relatively congested areas. In congested locations, fitness exercise programs are safer and more interesting indoor. Moreover, outdoor exercise in such places can be very discouraging and can make you lose motivation.

Always Have a Partner When Exercising Outdoor

This is one way you can guarantee your personal safety to some extent. Exercising alone exposes you to too much risk in a place you are not familiar with or with history of criminal activities. It’s even better to exercise in a group but not too large group where missing persons may not be quickly noticed.


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