Dr. Michael Hilton – When it Comes to Emergencies, See an Emergency Medicine Doctor

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An emergency medicine doctor is a physician who treats patients in the emergency room. Emergency medicine doctors like Dr Michael Hilton New York may also serve as paramedics, and some fill general physician roles. Emergency medicine doctors are responsible for realizing when treatments are needed and administering timely care to patients.

Looking for a doctor whose specialty is emergency medicine? This person can handle the type of emergency that requires time-critical decisions in an urgent situation. Emergency Medicine Doctors like Dr Michael Hilton New York focus on acute care and the correct treatment of patients suffering from medical conditions requiring immediate attention, such as heart attack and stroke.

A General Practitioner in an Emergency Setting

An emergency medicine doctor is an expert in treating all kinds of injuries, illnesses and other emergencies, including cardiac arrest and choking. A doctor who specializes in the treatment of emergency and acute care.  The role of the emergency medicine doctor is to diagnose, treat and care for patients with acute illnesses and injuries. Depending on your career path, you may focus on one or a number of specialties within the field, such as critical care, cardiology or sports medicine.

Emergency doctors are always on call and are responsible for treating all kinds of patients, regardless of the severity of their condition or whether they have private insurance. As a result, emergency medicine doctors see a lot of different injuries and illnesses. Emergency Medicine Doctors are specially trained medical professionals who respond to medical emergencies, whether they occur in the hospital or on the street.

They are doctors who have board-certified in emergency medicine. They provide patients with immediate treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. Emergency Medicine Doctor – you save lives. Train with passion and compassion, to be able to deliver exceptional care in the most challenging situations. They are committed to the future of medicine, and they know that great doctors thrive on challenge, innovation and performance.

The Need for Fast Medical Attention

Emergency Medicine doctors are experts in health care for adults, who require immediate and effective attention. The Emergency Medicine specialist treats such conditions as heart attacks, trauma and other life-threatening injuries and illnesses. They also provide general medical care before or after a patient has been seen by another doctor.

The Emergency Medicine physician is dedicated to the care of patients in the pre-hospital, hospital-based and emergency department setting. They assess, diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses requiring acute care of short duration in a wide range of settings. Emergency Medicine Doctors specialize in the treatment of acute and emergent health concerns involving trauma, life-threatening injuries and illnesses. They are well versed in the evaluation and management of patients with cardiac conditions and respiratory problems, including asthma and COPD.

As a doctor, you’re there when they need you the most. You take care of emergencies, big and small. And when it comes to patients, you do whatever it takes to make sure that they get the best treatment possible—fast. That’s why they offer a range of training options for new ED doctors and those looking to refresh their skills, including programs that provide the completion of your American Osteopathic Board Certification at the same time.


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