Your Mini Guide to the Famous Blue Diesel Strain

The Blue Diesel Strain or Blue City Diesel is a hybrid strain which got its origin by two aromatic and powerful strains – Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The taste resembles that of blueberry and gives intense pleasure when consumed. This is one of the major reasons as to why this strain of cannabis is loved so much in the market.

Effect and Flavor of Blue Diesel Strain

The Blue Diesel strain is a strong mixture of two elegant strains due to which it hits the body as well as the mind. As it has an Indica strain, the THC level increases dramatically, making things slow around you. The strain would give you immense relaxation, it would blend with your body and mind in a very smooth way.

The strain can be consumed at any time of the day due to its smoothening effect that would make you float, reduce your tensions and can give you a relief from almost any stress. That’s why you can take it at night, for a long lasting and peaceful trip.

As the strain has a very good ratio of Sativa and Indica, you would actually feel very energetic and the cosmic vibes that you are going to receive after consuming would simply give you a tickling pleasure.

There is a strong flavor of blueberry which has been gently blended with diesel that would leave a sweet flavour on your taste buds. Along with that you are going to get a magnificent smell of blueberry and thanks to the diesel tone of the strains that would leave a strong smell.

During the entire time of consuming, you might just feel hazy, you might experience a swinging effect. Your mouth would dry and you would wish to drink something cold. There is a chance that you would zone out and feel a bit anxious but this feeling will leave you very soon.

Medical Significance of Blue Mystic Strain

The strain has a lot many curable elements as well.  It can fight with depression, anxiousness, stress. The strain is a mind blowing stress buster. Consuming it can also help in giving a sound sleep, The strain can also cure any kind of gas problems and would reduce the exhausting pressure from the body. It can also cure the sore muscles giving a much-needed relief. Due to such medical benefits, it is even more in demand.

When and how the Blue Mystic is Grown

The Blue Diesel takes 8-9 months to grow, you can expect it to flower by late September to mid-October. It can grow both in internal spacing as well as external spacing. The flowers grow up to 6 feet and have a very concrete structure. This helps the grower to plant it under any circumstances. As the plant has a dense and beautiful structure, the buds of the plant also rise in a healthy and colorful manner. This makes the yielding easier and more convenient.

So this was all about the Blue Diesel Strain that you should know.


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