What Are the Risks of Teeth Whitening?

Have you ever discussed with a periodontist about teeth whitening pros and cons? Did you choose your cosmetic dentist? It is good to check different tooth whitening concerns before getting involved. Recently, people care about their dental appearance more than before. Also, whitening products and materials are getting improved and increased. Therefore, it is essential to check these materials’ quality and observe the whitening process’s risks in the first step. Your chosen cosmetic dentist can help you evaluate different whitening products. They will also share their opinion about each whitening product so you can make the best decision. Since there are other concerns about whitening procedures, focusing on this cosmetic dentistry service’s main and significant problems is better. One of the most important things to consider is dental crowns and fillings. They won’t get whiter during the whitening process. We will explain more in the following post. 

professional teeth whitening in Vancouver

Can Teeth Whitening Process Whiten Dental Crown?

As a dentist offering professional teeth whitening in Vancouver says, teeth whitening cannot whiten your dental fillings or crowns. It means these parts of your teeth cannot get as white as other teeth. In the dentistry process, this condition is called the rainbow effect.

It is just like a rainbow; it means you will have different colors on your teeth. Imagine your smile, and your teeth will appear with different colors. How awful it will be. 

Your natural teeth become whiter easily during whitening, but dental fillings and crowns are still discolored. It can be a big deal and problem for those who want to have white teeth while smiling.

 It also can be extraordinary for many patients. So, knowing about this condition before getting ready for the whitening process is good. 

professional teeth whitening in Vancouver

What Is the Main Disadvantage of Teeth Whitening? 

Based on the gathered information, your teeth become very sensitive after whitening, which can be the fundamental issue of this cosmetic dentistry service. Unfortunately, you will feel the sensitivity of your teeth after a few days of the whitening process. 

The level and extent of your teeth’s sensitivity depend on the whitening materials used. The strength of used materials is also crucial for your teeth. Generally, these materials can make your teeth very sensitive. 

Teeth sensitivity can be one of the most critical concerns. When your teeth become sensitive, you will feel discomfort in your mouth. Some whitening materials also cause more dental staining for a few days after this process. 

You can imagine your teeth like sponges. When you clean and wash a sponge, it absorbs everything. Teeth are also the same; they absorb everything after getting as white as possible. 

Whatever comes into your mouth can color your teeth after the whitening process. Note that something like water cannot cause any problems because it has no color. On the other hand, something like red wine or black tea will cause discoloration on your teeth. 

Moreover, certain juices can lead to discoloration of your teeth. Finally, you must carefully choose your cosmetic dentist and the whitening materials.


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