How Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Help Your Horse in Many Ways

The benefits of cannabis oil, cannabinoid (CBD), or phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) oil may have been mentioned to you by someone you know. The cannabis plant is the source of all of these oils. Products of this kind all have an oil produced from the cannabis sativa plant (hemp) that is rich in phytocannabinoids. Many of my horse-owning friends throughout the world have had to cope with stall rest due to ailments like kissing spine, navicular, and others. Increasing numbers of horse owners are looking for drug-free and non-invasive ways to calm their animals’ fears and inflammation. In my line of work as an equine massage therapist, I often prescribe sports massage as a technique of reducing anxiety, neutralising the effects of pollutants, and stimulating the body’s natural supply of feel-good endorphins. To attain true holistic health, it is necessary to address not just the symptoms but also the causes of any underlying problems in the individual’s behavioural, physical, and mental domains.

Hemp and marijuana Not same

Hemp and marijuana are two completely different varieties of the CBD oil for horses, despite the common misconception that they are the same. Rope, paper, garments, jewellery, and other things may all be made from hemp, which can be grown and harvested legally. It was one among the first crops domesticated by mankind. Hemp, although being a renewable and sustainable resource, has lately seen a surge in popularity in our organic health food markets due to its nutritional density. In the United States, cannabis derives from any plant is still considered a Schedule I substance.

About the Label

This label has been around for a very long time. Because of this, many of us incorrectly believe that hemp is the same as marijuana. The correct meaning is somewhat different from this one. Because the body processes THC faster than it can be absorbed, hemp contains less than 0.1% of the psychoactive compound. Because of this, hemp, CBD oil, and PCR oil are not classified as illegal narcotics.

“What are cannabinoids?”

More than 500 different naturally occurring compounds have been identified in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these chemicals and is the second most common. Cannabidiol, a compound discovered in cannabis, does not cause inebriation but does have several beneficial medical effects, such as anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to stimulate cell regeneration. Only insects lack endocannabinoid receptors, thus all other creatures have them. The CBD oil for horses are very important here. The endocannabinoid system regulates not just how we feel, but also how we eat, sleep, and exercise. The immune system is only one of several that might be negatively impacted by this chemical, which is normally absorbed by the body.


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