Using weed through smoking, vaping, tinctures, edibles, etc., affects people differently. Even two people with a cannabis high are more likely to have different experiences. Some people feel wholly stoned and might fall asleep when they smoke weed for the first time, while others feel overly elated and joyful. Some may feel lightheaded and relaxed, while others might not feel much at all.

With recreational weed legalization in many parts of the world, an introduction to weed no longer requires a black market dealer. You can get legal weed from Star buds dispensaries in Kirkland, Washington, as long as you are 21years and above. That way, you benefit from intrusively knowledgeable budtenders who can advise you and give you recommendations for the right product, depending on your needs. If you are a novice weed user, here is some expert advice for you.

Choose your weed carefully.

If you want to smoke weed for the first time, be careful with your choice. The strain of marijuana will impact how you will feel. Cannabis sativa implies stimulating weed, while cannabis indica implies more sedative weed—all the other strains of cannabis fall between this spectrum. 

Different strains are bred to produce different effects, from fully celebratory effects to deeply therapeutic effects such as pain relief. Sativa and indica are terms more meaningful to growers than users, and most of the weed strains available in the market are hybrids. These are strains breeders develop to bring out distinctive effects.

When choosing weed for first-time use, the most important thing is the THC, CBD, and terpene percentages. THC causes the cannabis high, while CBD is the psychoactive compound in weed reported to relieve anxiety and pain. Terpenes bring out the flavor and taste. Do you want to relax, feel better, sleep, feel euphoric, energetic, excited? Consider what you want out of the high and let your budtender know. Knowledgeable budtenders in dispensaries near Kirkland can help you make an informed choice.

Focus on your consumption method

These days, weed buds in loose bags are not the only option for your weed consumption. Weed buds come in other forms like pre-rolled joints and branded jars of premium buds. That means you may have many options to choose from other than determining the quality of the weed. As long as you are sourcing your weed from licensed recreational dispensaries, you can rest assured that the weed is tested for contaminants and is safe for your health.

You can roll a joint yourself, or you can buy a pre-rolled joint, or you can use a pipe to smoke the weed. Pre-rolled joints are ideal for first-timers since all you need is to light it up and smoke. If you don’t like smoking, you can start with marijuana edibles. Take small portions giving yourself time to feel the effect before consuming more. Edibles can have a slow effect onset, so you need to be careful not to overconsume.

Hydrate well

Weed can cause a dry mouth. The feeling wears off with time, but it is essential to drink plenty of water before smoking. You can always carry your water bottle around Washington to keep yourself hydrated. Remember that weed can cause adverse side effects and is not legal for persons under 21.


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