Do You Know a Few Mistakes That You May Be Doing to Cause Feet Problem?

The body part that is utilized and mistreated the most is the feet. However, whereas you typically spend about ten minutes each morning and evening caring for your face, your feet will probably be lucky to receive a pedicure at least once a month.

You must trust podiatrists of wound care Orange County when they caution you that problems with your feet could ultimately have an impact on your entire way of life. You may be injuring your feet without even realizing it, so take better care of them.

The following are a few mistakes that you may be doing:

  1. Wearing any wrong shoes or not wearing shoes

Daily usage of flat shoes may put a strain on your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons and contribute to arthritis, chronic discomfort, and strain. 

  1. Wearing any wrong size shoe

Your foot may elongate and spread as a result of wearing shoes that may be too big or also too tiny, and your correct size shoe may not fit properly.

  1. Poor hygiene

Good hygiene is frequently neglected below the knees. Between your toes, you should be carefully clean and dry.

  1. Not stretching

Every day, especially before and after any activity or exercise, the muscles in the lower leg and feet must be stretched.

  1. High-impact activities

Repetitive ballistic pressures from high-impact exercises produce strains, cartilage degradation in joints, tissue inflammation, and microscopic rips in the entire lower extremity.

  1. Wearing the same shoes daily

Frequently, you choose a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes and wear them every day, but this is bad for your feet.

  1. Wearing too old shoes

While breaking in new shoes might be a discomfort, wearing out-of-date footwear will affect your gait and hurt.

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  1. Wearing flat shoes while commuting

Flip-flops, converse sneakers, and ballet flats don’t offer adequate arch support.

  1. Your toenails are not properly cut

Ingrown nails can happen when nails are cut excessively short or rounded.

  1. You often run in tennis shoes

Each activity has particular requirements for the right shoe, including feet. Your tennis shoes, for instance, are designed for side-to-side motions.

  1. Don’t allow your feet to breathe

If you wear socks all day, your feet may perspire, which could result in an athlete’s foot, bad odor, or, in severe cases, infection.

  1. Often you exercise barefoot

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid working out without shoes, but make sure your regimen has enough diversity.

  1. Not wearing slippers while at home

If you don’t have any shoes, consider wearing an orthopedic slipper while at home as per the advice of any Orange County wound care specialist.

  1. You ignore any aches on your feet

Stress fractures can result from overuse even if you are not in marathon training.

  1. Wearing outdoor shoes at home

You can bring bacteria and viruses into your home on your shoes after wearing them outside.

You may maintain the health and pain-free condition of your feet by avoiding all these typical blunders. Visit a foot and ankle specialist Orange County for any foot health consultation to learn how to maintain healthy feet.

Judy C. Deschamp